A food truck created to operate in a post-pandemic world with branding inspired by vintage American car racing. For this project, I was challenged to design a branding system and concept for a State College restaurant with Covid-19 adaptations.

why a food truck?

As a result of the pandemic, the demand for takeout and disposable foodware has drastically increased. Based on my research, I concluded the restaurant should be a food truck because they are typically takeout and outdoor friendly. While providing people with covid-safe dining, a food truck also provides a timely, fun, and memorable experience.

sketches & moodboard


The restaurant’s branding is inspired by vintage American racecars. The sport’s speed and enjoyment respresent that of a food truck. The logo uses a texture that is symbolic of tire tracks and uses a lower case ‘g’ that resembles the shape of a race track. The branding also features a mascot wearing a fish cap and flag to represent the sport and the restaurant’s seafood menu.


The deliverables include: a menu board, unfoldable paper takeout boxes, wax paper packaging, and stickers to be used for packaging, as well as collectables.

A menu board was chosen in order to avoid the cross-handling of reusable menus and waste of single-use menus. Food packaging can be used to eat directly out of or used as portable containers.