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spring 2022

Gigi’s Southern Kitchen is a food truck created to operate in a post-pandemic world with branding inspired by vintage American car racing. For this project we were assign to design a restaurant branding system and concept using the name and menu items from an existing State College restaurant. Deliverables include a branding system to be used across a menu and takeout packaging. 

why a food truck?

After research and interviews, I learned that the demand for takeout and disposable foodware had drastically increased as a result of the pandemic. Based on this research, I decided the restaurant should be a food truck because it would easily be takeout and social distance friendly. Food trucks already primarily follow a takeout style and are typically located in parks or outdoors areas which would be beneficial for social distancing and outdoor seating. I also decided to turn the restaurant into a food truck because it provides a more memorable, quick, and fun experience for customers.

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