iOS mobile watch app


data visualization


fall 2021

Current is a watchOS app that allows users to track their mood. As users log their mood throughout the day, a data visualization is formed to represent their daily moods. The visualizations are presented in the form of waves, where users can recognize mood patterns in color and intensity.


moodboard and user flows:

data visualizations:

I spent some time sketching different styles of data visualizations in order to determine an effective visual to represent the users moods. I experimented with variations of waves to represent data. I tested combinations of various wave amplitude, color, opacity, and frequency to find out which would result in a data visualization that is easy for users to understand. I landed on my final version of visualizations because I learned that when there is space between lines of data, it adds an additional layer of information for the viewer to comprehend. When the waves are solid shapes and touching each other, it is easier for the viewer to see patterns and trends in their data.


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